Have questions? See if we answer them below! If not, drop us a line: thedonovanbanks@gmail.com

—Where should I stay?

Great question! It’s NYC, so short answer is anywhere—there is a 24hr public transportation system, a plethora of cabs roaming the streets, and two increasingly cheap ride hailing aps: Uber and Lyft.

But if you want to be right in the center of the action, there are many hotels in Queens in Long Island City/Astoria nearby the wedding venue and festivities. The Hilton Garden Inn will be our homebase hotel—we have set rates there. We’ve also listed a number of nearby hotels if you want to comparison shop/have specific rewards programs. We imagine the wedding after party will be within walking distance of the Hilton Garden Inn.

Airbnb is also an option, if you’re not already signed up and want explore, use our referral link: Airbnb

—I’m flying in, what dates should I book?

Celebration time on March 11 will start around 4:30pm and go into the wee hours, so a minimum of Sat-Sun is advised. We’ll welcome Friday night at our Air BNB for drinks if you’re in by then, and we will have Sunday to hang out with people. Thursday night will also feature some going out in the city activities if you’re in town early. We fly out for Honeymoon on Monday eve, but we’re happy to share our favorite NYC destinations, itineraries, and food places for you to explore if you want to enjoy the city for longer!

—Can I bring children?

Unfortunately, since the venue has a limited capacity, we are unable to extend invitations to children. The wedding events on Saturday will be adults only. If you’re interested in traveling with kids, we are happy to look into a baby sitter for a block of time at the hotel or airbnbs. Reach out and let us know: thedonovanbanks@gmail.com

—How do I get around New York City? 

Subways are key and run 24hrs. You can get a metro card in any station, and fare for subway/bus is $2.75. Subway lines near to the venue and hotels are the 7, E, M, G, N, Q, R.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.14.46 PM

In addition to the yellow and green taxis on on the streets (green taxis you can only hail in Queens/Brooklyn and other boroughs) there are two increasingly cheap ride hailing aps: Uber and Lyft. Haven’t signed up yet? Use our referral codes:

Citibike also lets you explore on a rented bike you can dock around the city from $10 a day.

—How do I get in from the Airports? Which one should I fly into?

LaGuardia is the cheapest cab to the nearby hotels, but isn’t served by easy public transit. JFK you can take the Air Train to the E, which brings you right to the party area. There are a few ways to get into Newark, but the are all more of hassle.

We’ll tell you specifics on best ways to get into the hotels later.

—Is there parking near the venue? 

Yes and no… It is an industrial area with street parking, so the possibility to find a spot on the street is high, but not guaranteed. We’re also arranging with hotels where we have blocks to confirm parking, but so far it is looking like a pay to park around $25 on a first come, first serve basis and limited availability.