March 11, 2017 Long Island City, NY (NYC)

Experiences Registry

Experiences Registry

Hello friends and family! Welcome to the experiences registry. Bored by Amazon housewares? Here you can find unique, bizarre, fun, and delightful things that will make us smile, fill our hearts with joy, and have us eternally thinking about you (and that awesome dance move you busted out at our wedding.)

You can add to cart from the main page, or click through to read how we wax poetic on each of the items here. The tech behind it is now all up and running, but reach out if you have any issues. We're working on an auto-confirmation e-mail, but until then, we'll send you a personalized confirmation (it just won't be as immediate as we all expect with online shopping these dates)

Tech savvy?  Items here can be purchased using credit cards or paypal. Love the inspiration but prefer checks? Let us know with you wedding card, and we'll be sure to think of you (and share photos) in our Moroccan cooking class, or Barcelona tapas dinner.

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