March 11, 2017 Long Island City, NY (NYC)

Bridal Shower Registry

Asked what she would like, should people want to gift her something, Ashley responded she only desired “the feeling of love when surrounded by dear friends and family”. Pressed to be a little more tangible, she thought for a moment and shared a few notions:

  • Hugs!

  • Advice on marriage from ladies who’ve been there

  • Memories of wedding traditions you had at your ceremony that were important to you

  • Champagne (or prosecco, or cava, or california sparkling. Bubbles!)

  • Gift certificates for cheese—Murray’s Cheese is favorite cheese shop: Click Here

  • A lovely scented candle in the citrus/greenery/herbal fragrance range (lemon verbena, eucalytpus, lemongrass, ocean breeze, green tea)

  • Funds dedicated to the bachelorette party weekend massage and mani/pedis. Connect with Brittany on this one—she’s organizing

  • Nice, simple thank you cards. She’s going to need them!

  • Advice on the best non-down cozy comforter. She wants a new one, but is super allergic. Anyone have one they love?

  • She thinks this leather travel jewelry folio in Grey is lovely: (Link Here)

  • A Birchbox 3 month beauty sample box as she enjoys beauty stuff, but choosing new products to play with is hard (To note for shipping: she’s out of country 3/13-3/29 and doesn’t have a doorman)

  • Anything off the wedding registry (Link Here)